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Here you will find articles written by Michael Canadas and David Robinson.

Many of the pieces below originally appeared in Antique DOLL Collector Magazine, as well as Doll News. The
"Show and Tell" articles include visits to collectors and their special collections, while "From The Doll Cabinet" pieces provide the reader with articles from Michael and David's personal collecting perspective.
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A Magnificent Obsession
- My House of Dreams

  Governess - A Life Up and Down the Stairs.
  A Face in the Crowd.
  The Shadow of Her Smile.
The Empress Eugenie.
  This Old House.
A Cunning Cottage Just for Two.
  To Serve with Honor.
The story of Alberti, the littlest Hussar.

Who was Fernande Broudehoux?
Don't look for definitive answers in this largely photographic essay – just enjoy the fashion show Fernande puts on for you!

Mademoiselle Marie
An in-depth view of a very special French Fashion doll and her original trousseau.

Lady Dolls of the Edwardian Era
A focus on the art of Charles Dana Gibson, the man responsible for the "Gibson Girl" and the resulting reflections in fashion and dolls.


Show and Tell with Pam and David Kandel
Yes, sometimes husbands and wives do collect together. You'll enjoy meeting this charming couple and viewing their well-rounded collection.

No Greater Love -The Ultimate Bebe
Princess Rose, a prized Bru Bebe Teteur has been coddled her entire life, you'll enjoy seeing the results.


101 French Bebes
A photographic essay of lovely Bru Jeune examples...just try not to fall in love.

Mathilde... A Name Upon a Box
The magical story of a remarkable fashion doll, who was formerly cherished by of one of the most influential women of nineteenth century France.

Long Ago and Far Away
The enchanted tale of a superb English wooden Nun, a gift...in more ways than one.
  Remembering Mary Harris Francis
A look at the collecting taste of, and a final tribute to, a dear friend and co-founder of the Toy and Miniature Museum of Kansas City.
We have all heard of that rapscallion Polichinelle, now you can learn about his heritage.
  Jolly Chow
A look into the colorful world of the Jollies – creatures created by the late doll artist, Barbara Fernando.
  La Gutta Percha
The very rare fashion dolls of the Leverd et Cie firm are highlighted in this very informative piece.
  A Little House by the Sea, for You and Me
A marvelous child's playhouse shares its haunting personal history, and a bit of Michael and David's, too.
  The Rich Life of Lily
Lily isn't spoiled, she is simply the wealthiest fashion doll in the world.
  An Army of One - Le Garde National
Open the exquisite box and delve into the colorful military uniforms of a French paper doll soldier.
  She Works Hard for the Money
The ultimate entrepreneurs–English street peddlers!