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6 1/2" German All Bisque from the J. D. Kestner firm, this adorable child bears features that include a perfect bisque socket head with lovely modeling and painting, brown glass set eyes, a closed mouth, and her antique blonde mohair wig worn down. Her chubby bisque body is in perfect condition and includes nicely modeled arms, and shapely legs that wear molded socks and grey-painted boots.
Shown here wearing a sweet printed cotton frock with red accents, plus a fantastic straw hat, she will arrive at your door with four additional dresses, and three more hats, plus the silk-covered candy box in which the dresses are displayed.
You'll have lots of fun with this adorable package, and that is a promise.


Thank you, M.







J. D. Kestner Co.

It isn't every day that one stumbles upon such a large Kestner all bisque! This could be your lucky day, as we have done the stumbling for you. Standing nine and three-quarters inches tall, Miss Kestner is quite the girl, with a perfect swivel head (impressed 4) that features pale gray, paperweight-like eyes that sleep, plus lovely painting and a lovely auburn human hair wig in the original set.
The five-piece body, besides being beautifully modeled, is in perfect condition (save for normal flakes at the stringing holes), and features details such as a clenched fist upon the right hand, and do not miss the darling bare feet.
Costumed in pink silk, the exquisitely made dress is perfection on her, and if it isn't original, it's better than original due to its styling and quality workmanship. The matching bonnet is adorable and completes the look.
An exceptional example for the serious all bisque enthusiast!

Click here to view details "au naturel"

Thank you, C.







One of the most darling Bonnie Babe examples we have seen must be this six-inch all-bisque model from Alt, Beck & Gottschalk. Details include a perfect bisque head with a swivel flange neck, very sweet, molded wavy hair, the more unusual brown glass sleep-eyes with perfect eyelid wax, and an open mouth with two teeth.
The five-piece bisque body, complete with its round paper label, is free of chips, and the legs feature molded socks and pink-painted, one-strap shoes. Bonnie came to us in what appears to be an original sun dress and bonnet, worn over original underpants.
A petite marvel, to be sure, and not one you see every day!

Thank you, A.








4 3/4" German all bisque child with boundless charm, and most likely a quality product of the Hertwig firm, there is so much expression in such a tiny face and every aspect of the molded winter clothing is superb! In excellent condition overall.









A darling German all bisque child with a perfect bisque swivel head with a separate torso (flake on neck opening marked 620 3 on the reverse), jointed arms and jointed legs that wear nicely detailed, brown and black-painted, two-strap shoes over molded stockings.
Further details include character-like modeling, blue painted eyes, an open/closed mouth and a darling strawberry blonde mohair wig worn down in curls.

She is beautifully presented in a gorgeous lavender satin party dress with delicate passementerie and lace accents.

Measures: 5" tall

Thank you,

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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