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There is no doll like a Georgian Wooden that is capable of adding such a large degree of grace and warmth to a room. This elegant lady, circa 1760, is no exception.
Classic details of this finely carved and gessoed "Queen Anne" include inset handmade glass eyes surrounded by stippled brows and lashes, a noble nose, blushed cheeks - all crowned by a wonderful wig of rich brown mohair.
We would say restoration-wise, the doll has been cleaned and a finish has been applied to protect the painted details of her face and body. One can expect this treatment on a nearly three-hundred year old wooden toy.
This wonderful doll's wooden body features cloth tab attachment of the arms at the shoulders, and articulation of the legs at the hips and knees.
We love the lines and general femininity of this doll's elegant gown of silk brocade. With its panniers, applied metal discs and silver metallic trimmings, it was designed to shimmer in a candlelit room, and along with this doll's sparkling eyes, we are sure the effect was intoxicating.
An early wooden doll of this caliber is not for everyone. This fine doll has had centuries to craft a degree of patience, so she is willing to wait for a deserving caretaker.

Measures: 17 1/2" tall, 18 1/2" overall








An all original doll is a wonderful find, indeed. Such is the case with the handsome German Holz Masse example. Details include a perfect papier-mache shoulderhead that features delicate coloring, fine painting of facial features, brilliant blue paperweight eyes, and her original human hair wig styled in soft curls. On a stuffed cloth body with leather arms, and legs that feature built-in striped stockings and leather boots, she wears her original wool dress that features blue edging and lace accents. A marvelous woven straw bourrelet, with coordinating blue silk accents, crowns her sweet head.

Measures: 22 1/2" tall, overall








21" English poured wax child attributed to the Montanari workshop, details of this classic example include blue glass eyes highlighted by feathered painted brows, delicately shaded features and a full head of hand inserted strawberry mohair.
On a stuffed cloth body that is fitted with molded wax limbs, she wears a marvelous antique white work dress with a coordinating lacy bonnet, along with crochet stockings and antique leather slippers.
A classic English poured wax example in a marvelous size!

Thank you,






Here is something that we do not see too terribly often, a German China with a wardrobe of clothing! Details of this impressive 27" example include a perfect china shoulderhead with beautiful pale blue eyes, gorgeous coloring including beautifully blushed cheeks, rare pierced ears, and a super up-do hairstyle that features a center part in front, and an intricate braided knot in back.
On what appears to be her original cloth body that is fitted with leather arms, she wears wonderful antique leather boots (fragile) upon her stuffed cloth feet.
Shown here in a darling printed cotton dress that exhibits professional quality sewing skills, you will discover below that she owns an additional two dresses that also feature beautiful quality, plus a marvelous hooded cloak, and a tailored coat. All of her items can be stored for safekeeping if you desire, in her dome-top trunk.
An opportunity to acquire a truly remarkable package is presented here - don't hesitate.







11" German China, circa 1860s, details here include a perfect shoulderhead in a super smaller size, with nicely painted features and a superb black painted hairstyle that features a braid up top and a coiled braided bun in back.
On a stuffed cloth body that features replaced (but nicely detailed) modern china arms , and legs that wear brown painted boots, this lady's ensemble is a dream. 1860s sensibilities dictate the fashion here. Created from chocolate brown silk brocade and cocoa brown solid, coordinating passementerie finishes the edges, while a very stylish hat finishes the overall look. A jewel!

Thank you, E.







17" German, Wax over Papier-mache featuring a molded blonde hairstyle, pierced ears fitted with the original earrings, inset cobalt blue glass eyes and nicely blushed cheeks - all on a cloth body with composition arms, and shapely legs that wear painted heeled boots.
She does wear her original dress of black gauze that features a field of purple flowers, but its condition is quite tender, with losses to the back and upper sleeve area.
An early example who still retains plenty of charm, largely due to her original condition.







15 1/2"all original English poured Wax child with abundant charm - details include a perfect shoulderhead with lovely coloring, expressive inset blue glass eyes, inserted blonde hair worn down in a luxurious style - all on a cloth body with wax limbs.
She wears a gorgeous original ensemble in cream and blue crochet - it includes crochet underthings as well, even a matching hat!







Like his companion above, a nineteenth-century, Italian, carved wood marionette, this handsome young gentleman depicts a commedia del' arte figure. Standing an impressive thirty six inches tall, he is jointed in all the right places to enable very fluid movements. The carving details upon his expressive face are remarkable – the mask and other details are expertly done, and the glass eyes – very realistic in blown glass with brown irises.
This fellow, who has a body composed of stuffed cotton and carved wood components, with screw eyes remaining here and there that used to give strings an anchoring point, wears a four-piece cotton costume with green wool rope as decoration. Painted stockings and carved wood shoes complete the look.
So much artful expression – and great for display in the right shop or home.


Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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