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François Gaultier

In our opinion, there is no occupational French fashion doll that is more fun to create a scene around than a Governess. This lovely and hardworking young lady from François Gaultier will happily provide you with that opportunity!
Details of this classically beautiful example include a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, lovely coloring, blue paperweight eyes, (inherent roughness on lower left eye rim,) pierced ears and a full mohair wig, worn up - all on a classic leather body in fair to good condition.
Beautifully costumed as a French governess of the highest station in a uniform of soft green cotton overlaid with organdy, it is paired with an apron of luscious pink silk, while both components are luxuriously decorated with an assortment of fine laces. A matching hat completes the stunning silhouette.
Ever the dutiful caretaker, note that she carries her swaddled young charge with her wherever she goes.

Measures: 17 1/2" tall, 21 1/2" overall










Just under sixteen inches of pure, unadulterated cuteness is Mimi, a delightful bisque model from Maison Rohmer and the even better news is that she will arrive with a marvelous assortment of clothing!
Details include a perfect bisque head that rotates upon the shoulderplate in the cup and saucer fashion, blue glass eyes in even eyecuts, beautifully painted features including blushed cheeks, delicate lashes and brows, plus a marvelous light brown mohair wig that is styled in long ringlets.
On a marked Rohmer body in very clean condition, it does however, show areas of repair in the form of leather strips placed over the body's seaming. In addition, she has bisque arms that are not only perfect, but also beautifully detailed, and of course, articulation at the knees (although the movement is stiff).
Mimi is shown here exquisitely costumed in a wonderful ensemble in lavender printed silk, BUT she, lucky little girl that she is, has many more options from which to choose! In fact, she has an assortment of nine additional looks, plus extra blouses, a bit of white wear, and many charming hats, all housed in a French trunk. Mimi is a bit short of accessories, and that is where you, as her new caretaker, will come in handy.
Go ahead, make a commitment to giving Mimi a home - you will definitely not be sorry.

Measures: 15 1/2" tall

Please click here to view "au naturel"

Thank you, A.








François Gaultier

20" (26 1/2" overall) François Gaultier fashion - she absolutely will be the life of the party at the costume ball, due to her spot on impersonation of Marie Antoinette.
Fine details include a perfect bisque swivel head on a perfect bisque plate, very nice coloring, rarer to find brown paperweight eyes, pierced ears and a masterpiece of a mohair wig styled in the 18th C. French manner, and decorated with silken ribbon, beaded components and a plume for good measure.
On a classic leather body that is fitted with bisque forearms (very nice repairs to fingers on the left hand), she wears a beyond luxurious dress in luscious pink silk brocade, masterfully decorated with copious amounts of gold bullion and featuring hand-beaded panels, with rich lace and silk ribbons.









François Gaultier

Stunning, in a superb promenade ensemble, is a fabulous, classic François Gaultier who stands sixteen and one-half inches tall. With a pretty and perfect bisque head, further details include blue spiral threaded paperweight eyes in large eyecuts, gorgeous coloring, a sweet mohair wig in a beautiful color and style, and pierced ears.
On a leather body that remains in good condition, this doll is exquisitely costumed in floral-printed light wool, with lace and silk fringe accents.
A coordinating wool felt chapeau and antique shoes help make this a very sweet package.

Thank you, P.








François Gaultier
On a Gesland Body

Gorgeous, in a monochromatic palette, is a classic François Gaultier fashion who stands eighteen and one-half inches tall. Further details include a perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, exquisite coloring and painting, stunning pale blue paperweight eyes in large eyecuts that lend an innocent look, her gorgeous original wig worn in soft curls, plus pierced ears.
On a desirable patented Gesland body with very graceful, perfect bisque hands and bare feet, it not only remains in good condition, but allows a multitude of posing possibilities.
Madame wears a magnificent and entirely original bridal ensemble of exquisite cream satin (tender in places) that features delicate lace and silk ribbon accents.
This magnificent example is worthy of her very own salon.

Thank you, J.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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