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19" Jumeau 8 version of the Paris Bebe, details of this classic and must-have example include a perfect, character-like bisque head with lovely features that include gorgeous coloring and painting, jewel-like blue paperweight eyes in large eyecuts, a wonderful mouth with exquisite painting, the original antique mohair wig styled in soft curls, and pierced ears (pull-through on right ear).
On a fully jointed composition body that shows normal wear to the original paint finish, she wears a most charming white cotton dress, over which is worn the blue wool coat that you see here The lines of the coat are stunning, while details include a velvet collar and cuffs, and a double row of mother of pearl buttons. A marvelous, and quite dramatic corduroy chapeau and antique leather shoes help seal the deal.

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Bébé Steiner A•3

Please do not forget to check the size of this sophisticated Bebe Steiner - she is much smaller than she appears at first look!
10 1/2" of happiness is this French child, her perfect bisque head impressed "Steiner Paris Fre. A•3" and with sparkling blue paperweight eyes, lush lashes and brows (paint lightly scuffed on right) , pierced ears, and an adorable blonde mohair wig styled in soft curls.
On a jointed Steiner body with the original paint finish intact, complete with the Petit Parisienne stamp. and including the white nail decoration that we associate with Au Nain Bleu, this fashion plate is beautifully costumed in deep red and cream striped silk, with lace, silk velvet ribbon and button decoration. Her lovely matching bonnet could not be more perfect.

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Bébé François Gaultier

A classic presentation, and a very nice bisque quality are the calling cards of this amazing seventeen and one-half inch François Gaultier Bebe 7.
A "scroll" model marked in a cartouche, additional features include a perfect poured bisque head (repair to earlobe pull-through on left ear), with a very pronounced molded tongue between lovely full lips, beautiful blue paperweight eyes, evenly painted lashes, requisite heavy feathered brows, and a brunette mohair wig.
The jointed body of wood and composition is in good condition, showing only normal wear and refreshing to the paint on the hands.
The doll's elegant ensemble of cream satin and emerald green brocade features rich black lace and rope as accents - and unusual, and quite winning combination.
This Gaultier bebe has a special warmth – you'll be ever so charmed by her, we're sure of it.

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Bébé Steiner

10 1/4" Bebe Steiner Boy - certainly one of the fairest of them all, he boasts a perfect bisque head that is fully marked, including Le Parisien A 3. Additional features include mischief-filled blue paperweight eyes accented by lashes and feathered brows, plus a complementary skin wig that is a mass of soft, boyish curls.
On a jointed, five-piece composition body with the original finish, this charmer wears a marvelous suit in blue/green wool, all highlighted by golden braid. He also boasts a matching cap and antique leather shoes (delicate condition).
A Steiner boy in a very appealing size - your cabinet-sized girls are sure to love him!

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"Elizabeth" is a very special Jumeau Portrait who was available only in three sizes when originally offered by the Jumeau firm, and here she is in size 10, standing twenty-two and one-half inches tall.
Details include a perfect pressed bisque head with character-like modeling, blue paperweight eyes in even eyecuts that are accented by mauve shadow, applied pierced ears and a lovely, antique, blonde mohair wig styled in abundant curls.
On an early, eight-ball jointed body, the condition overall is fair to good, exhibiting the original paint finish showing wear (especially to fingers) and remnants of paint from an old overpaint. The body is complete with the blue stamp that reads: JUMEAU MEDAILLE D'OR PARIS.
Elizabeth is a true fashion plate wearing a classic ensemble in pink with stunning black silk velvet accents, with gorgeous lace softening the edges. A matching chapeau and antique Alart bebe shoes in her size tie the bow on this very pretty package.

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Paris Bébé 6

15 1/2" Bebe Jumeau - a classic Paris Bebe in a manageable size 6, with perfect and gorgeous bisque featuring character-like modeling, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears, and a lovely original mohair wig - all on a jointed composition body (repair, touch-up and wear to fingers).
Best of all - she is wearing a fantastic original ensemble in brilliant red satin with amazing styling . An elegant lace bonnet, and Bebe Jumeau shoes in her size are very nice components that without a doubt make this incredible example completely cabinet ready.

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Bébé Steiner

Certainly one of the fairest of them all, is this twenty-three inch Bebe Steiner whose perfect bisque head is impressed A_15 PARIS, she is a vision of loveliness. Additional features include a peaches and cream bisque tone, mesmerizing blue paperweight eyes highlighted by mauve shadow, delicately painted lashes and brows, pierced ears, plus her original brunette mohair wig worn down.
On a jointed composition body with the original finish in good condition, and showing normal wear, it is complete with the LE PARISIEN stamp.
The exquisite bebe ensemble, in shades of violet and cream, is classic for its cut and fit, plus the lacy straw bonnet with its floral accents is just as delightful. Black leather bebe shoes act as the finishing touch upon this very pretty package.

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Bébé Jumeau 4

It is always a treat to offer an exceptionally sweet Bebe Jumeau. Standing thirteen and one-half inches tall, features include a very pretty bisque head marked TETE JUMEAU in red – with her size number 4.
Additional features include a perfect bisque head, gorgeous deep brown paperweight eyes accented by delicate lashes and brows, pierced ears, and a rich and full antique mohair wig which is simply styled.
On a fully-jointed wood and composition body complete with the Jumeau label, the original paint finish is in good condition, but showing normal wear, especially to the hands and fingers.
Her adorable cream satin ensemble looks like it came straight from the Jumeau workshop - it is beautifully styled with a suggestion of a jacket worn over a pleated skirt, with lace and patterned ribbon accents. A delightful matching chapeau, along with antique shoes, complete the classic look.

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Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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