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Bébé Jumeau
First Series Portrait

This striking Premier Portrait Jumeau from the First Series, in an impressive size 4, is sure to please any collector of early bebes, as she is simply twenty and one-half inches of graceful serenity.
Special details include gorgeous bisque with lovely coloring - but do note that the bisque is not perfect due to hairlines on the forehead - one visible and one overpainted - but neither show with the wig in place.
Further details include hypnotic, spiral-threaded, pale blue eyes which were set in very even eye cuts, abundant rosy-mauve eye shadow, and a full and beautifully styled brunette human hair wig – all on the early ball jointed body. The original finish is in fine condition and includes the Jumeau stamp.
A portion of this magical doll's appeal must be attributed to her spectacular ensemble which created from the most lustrous royal blue silk velvet imaginable. It is also enhanced with luxurious off-white satin and fine lace trimmings. A coordinating chapeau and antique French boots tie this presentation together – beautifully.
A world class Bebe Jumeau that will be an asset to any fine collection - not to mention an exceptional opportunity for the sympathetic collector.

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Thank you, B.








Paris Bébé 6

15 1/2" Bebe Jumeau - a classic Paris Bebe in a manageable size 6, with perfect and gorgeous bisque featuring character-like modeling, blue paperweight eyes, pierced ears, and a lovely original mohair wig - all on a jointed composition body (repair, touch-up and wear to fingers).
Best of all - she is wearing a fantastic original ensemble in brilliant red satin with amazing styling . An elegant lace bonnet, and Bebe Jumeau shoes in her size are very nice components that without a doubt make this incredible example completely cabinet ready.

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"Elizabeth" is a very special Jumeau Portrait who was available only in three sizes when originally offered by the Jumeau firm, and here she is in size 10, standing twenty-two and one-half inches tall.
Details include a perfect pressed bisque head with character-like modeling, blue paperweight eyes in even eyecuts that are accented by mauve shadow, applied pierced ears and a lovely, antique, blonde mohair wig styled in abundant curls.
On an early, eight-ball jointed body, the condition overall is fair to good, exhibiting the original paint finish showing wear (especially to fingers) and remnants of paint from an old overpaint. The body is complete with the blue stamp that reads: JUMEAU MEDAILLE D'OR PARIS.
Elizabeth is a true fashion plate wearing a classic ensemble in pink with stunning black silk velvet accents, with gorgeous lace softening the edges. A matching chapeau and antique Alart bebe shoes in her size tie the bow on this very pretty package.

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Bébé Bru Jeune 7

20" Bru Jeune 7 - a stunningly beautiful model with exquisite bisque (but not perfect due to a hairline from the crown rim in front), brown paperweight eyes (tiny flake at lower rim of left eyecut), a clearly visible modeled tongue, pierced ears, a fabulous mohair wig in a delectable shade - all on the early-style leather body with bisque arms (repair to one finger on left hand).
Costumed in the classic Bru style in aquamarine silk faille, she wears a matching chapeau, an assortment of wonderful jewelry in turquoise beads, and antique leather boots.
A Bru Jeune bebe that any collector should be proud to call their own.

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S. F. B. J. 230

22" SFBJ 230 in size 9. An unusual model to come by, details include a perfect bisque head with truly lovely coloring and a sweet dimpled chin, beautiful blue sleep-eyes, molded brows, an open mouth with teeth, pierced ears and a fantastic original human hair wig in rich brunette.
Her fully-jointed wood and composition body retains the original paint finish in excellent condition.
This pretty child is as beautifully costumed as any of her French cousins! Wearing a dress of dusty pink silk brocade, it is exquisitely styled and decorated with coordinating passementerie and delicate lace. A matching chapeau, antique socks and wonderful heeled shoes complete the very sophisticated silhouette.
A gorgeous French bebe at a very nice price!

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Bébé Jumeau
A Second Series Portrait

14" Bebe Jumeau, a Second Series Portrait in size 5, with incredibly lovely and perfect bisque, exquisite brown paperweight eyes with spiral threading in large, evenly sized eyecuts, pierced ears and the original human hair wig in rich medium brunette.
On an early eight-ball body that bears not only the original paint finish in excellent condition (normal wear to fingertips), but also a Jumeau stamp, this very lucky child os beautifully costumed in elegant burgundy. Rich silk faille was married with cut velvet, tape in a complementary and silk ribbon to create a remarkable Jumeau-style ensemble - it includes a matching chapeau. Brown leather Bebe Jumeau shoes complete the presentation of this cabinet-sized beauty.

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Thank you,









Bru Bébé Teteur 6

We are thrilled to offer this entirely factory-original Bru Bebe Teteur, or Nursing Bru, and at nineteen inches, she is the perfect size, too. Actually, this example is exceptional for two reasons – her inner workings are still in place, and her body is as close to mint condition as one will ever find.
If you aren't familiar with how a Bebe Teteur works – with the turn of a brass wing nut found on the back of the bebe's head, she was able to empty a special "bebe" bottle of its liquid, and then...well, return the liquid to the bottle.
Highlights include a gorgeous perfect bisque head and shoulderplate, deep brown paperweight eyes, her original and just plain darling curly mohair wig, plus the required open mouth with beautifully modeled full lips and pierced ears.
Her original Chevrot-patented body, in spectacular condition, is complete with a fully intact paper label and features the carved wood arms (offered for a very short period of time) which retain the original paint finish in wonderful condition – do not miss her bead bracelet that spells "bebe"!
Her original presentation includes a three-piece bebe ensemble of white cotton faille, which consists of a jacket, wrap-type bottom which button up to encase her lower body, and an eyelet bib. In addition, she wears a fabulous faille and eyelet bonnet with lace and ribbon loops, plus pantalets, and white cotton booties over knit stockings.
Truly, the ultimate in a Bebe Teteur!

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Appearing more like impressionistic art than a mere plaything, is a Bebe Jumeau – in papier-mache! Perhaps the true Bebe Incassable is actually this never before seen doll a Bebe Jumeau 11.
Further details of this twenty-four inch rarity include painting just like her bisque sisters, gorgeous blue paperweight eyes, an open mouth with bisque teeth, and her original blonde mohair wig.
On a fully jointed composition body with an original paint finish showing normal wear, Mlle. Jumeau wears an original blue-flowered Jumeau factory chemise, that is complete with its gilt-lettered label. Lovely Jumeau shoes in her size complete this incredible package.
For the consummate Jumeau collector, this doll is a must-have!

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Thank you, D.

Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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