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A Country Cottage
from Silber & Fleming

It is always a pleasure to offer an English box-back Dollhouse from the toy wholesaler Silber & Fleming. This one features characteristics that include perfect symmetry which one will find on most examples from this prolific London-based firm.
Upon the handsome façade, there can be found the classic lovely brick paintwork above and cream stone below. Also on the upper level, note the suggestion of a balcony, complete with a pierced metal railing in deep green paint. The same pierced metal components offer a latticework trellis effect upon the covered porch, and upon the flower boxes that accent the lower windows.
Inside, there are four perfectly proportioned rooms, all with fireplaces and chimneys dividing the back wall. The parlor can be found on the lower right, paired with the kitchen on the left, while upstairs, the pink tones of the room on the left offer a feminine use, while the deep burgundy notes on the right offer a possibly more masculine purpose.
The house has been freshly electrified, the windows have been cleaned, and the lace curtains refreshed.
Don't forget to shop our dollhouse furniture and accessories pages here in this category of our web site, where you will surely find inspiration to furnish this charming house.

Measures: 22 1/2" wide x 14 1/2" deep x 27" tall








We discovered this amazing French Room Box, in Paris, close to two decades ago, and after changing hands several times in the interim, happily, it has made its way back to us.
This assemblage is amazing for several reasons - it was entirely handmade, and it was, as we originally understood, handmade by sisters in a French religious order. Upon close examination, it is entirely evident that the many pieces were indeed, beautifully and thoughtfully, created by hand.
With all of that said, the most unusual aspect of the piece, is that many of the furniture pieces have paper numbers affixed to the bottom of them. These numbers act as "instructions" as to where to place them in the room, as you will see coordinating numbers upon the floors and walls. The French doors that can be seen upon the back, beyond the draperies, are part of a separate vestibule that is detachable.
It is difficult to know where to begin to introduce you to the wonders of this salon, but besides the fact that the rose-filled flower baskets and ribbon borders are entirely hand-painted, the glass-front display cabinet on the left side of the room is a good place. Not only is the cabinet beautifully made, it is hand-painted with roses, enhanced with Dresden paper, and includes items inside that are handcrafted as well, including a gorgeous fan. Also of special note is the harp, music stand and sheet music.
Take your time, study the pictures, and prepare to fall under a spell of sheer beauty.
The overall condition of this piece is very good, but there are some numbers present in the room that do not have coordinating pieces with that same number. This could be due to the fact that numbers were lost in some cases, or perhaps, some of the pieces themselves were lost, but the room is far from empty, as you can clearly see.

Measures: 22" wide x 17" deep x 13 1/2" tall









Besides the wonderful bright paintwork, what we love most about this petite two-story English box back Dollhouse from the London-based distributor Silber & Fleming, is the bank of generous-sized windows present, as they make viewing the interior a pleasure, even without opening the door.
Very nice wallpapers were utilized in both of the rooms and each room retains the requisite fireplaces.
This wonderful little house, which is small enough to display on the wall or upon a shelf, is electrified, and is furnished with antique furniture and accessories, but there is still some latitude for the new owner to add even more. And someone, a special dollhouse doll or two, needs to live here!
Some of the most special features include the marvelous soft metal bed in the bedroom, along with an assortment of very colorful art on the walls, the fine ormolu parlor table and silk-covered furniture in the parlor.

All in all, we are pleased to offer a very charming English dollhouse that won't break the bank.

Measures: 13 1/4" wide x 10" deep (at base) x 20 1/2" tall

Thank you, D.







Your all bisque mignonettes that can double as actors and actresses will adore this French Opera of wood, plaster and paint. In a wonderful size and complete with a red curtain that raises and lower with the turn of a crank, there is one scenery change.
In good condition overall.

Measures: 20" wide x 11 1/2" deep x 20 3/4" tall

Thank you,







Wooden kitchens such as this were offered in French etrennes catalogs for decades.What can we say? We're smitten with kitchens of all varieties, and this charmer is no exception.
Details include original paint upon the wooden frame, a roof covered with printed paper that features tiles, a cookstove with two burners that is covered in printed brick paper, plus a sink that drains into a painted tin bucket, a wall-mounted tin water reservoir with a spigot, plus a wonderful assortment of kitchen implements.
Showcase this fun piece with your dolls wearing French or German regional costumes - what a great vignette you will create!

Measures: 17 1/4" wide x 7 1/4" deep x 18 1/4" tall

Thank you, J.







It isn't every day that we find such an elegant room box with such graceful proportions...and look at those amazing original draperies! Details include an oak plank floor, a handsome fireplace, pair of French doors, crown molding, lovely wallpaper and a brass fireplace fender.
A marvelous room that will be a superb showcase for very special furnishings and dolls, it remains in wonderful condition overall.

Measures: 26 3/4" wide x 17" deep x 16" tall

Thank you, D.







Sweets for the Sweet

Could anything be more appropriate for a doll collector than a petite Patisserie brimming with colorful and tasty-looking, miniature desserts? And, it's in a nice smaller scale that will display very easily.
This charming wooden shop, of German manufacture circa 1910-1920, features a warm creamy paint hue with pink patterned papers and painted accents.
The cubbies feature an assortment of sweet treats, glass jars offer even more goodies, plus a counter is laden with fresh-baked goods, including a birthday cake with candles.
There's room for a shopkeeper, but you'll have to fill that position!

Measures: 17 3/4" wide x 5 1/4" deep x 9" tall

Thank you, K.







A German Kitchen is a magical place - one that cannot help but bring back memories of what life might have been like in Grandma's house when she was a girl.
This cozy, blue and white-themed roombox kitchen features original Dutch-tile paper with the original borders and floor paper, as well.
It is most likely the charming wallpaper that influenced the contents and that theme is carried out foremost in the tin stove with its blue and white paint and decorations. The stove features its original flue and two cooking pots. You will also find an assortment of blue enamel cookware, plus a blue and white tin water reservoir, blue and white furniture, and blue and white china pieces including a remarkable cutting board in the Blue Onion pattern. There is even a broom with a blue and white painted handle! The table is set for two - ready for the cook to serve up a meal - but where is the cook?
This kitchen could be considered far from being a finished product, as there is plenty of room available for dolls (especially someone at the stove) and many more accessories.

Measures: 28 1/2" wide x 17 1/2" deep x 12 3/4" tall

Thank you, M.



Since we all know time flies, you will have your doll at home in your arms in no time at all!

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