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Twelve inches of rarity! Take note, the hat on this Polichinelle is molded as part of this wonderful parian doll's head! The hat is glazed and gilded, where his face and hair are a bisque finish. Also wonderful, is his original silk costume with gold tinsel trim!
Beauty and rarity combined with this one.
Circa 1860.

This rare, German, papier-mache, two-faced Squeak Toy hung on one of John's Christmas trees. Isn't it marvelous? The condition of the paint finish is wonderful and the painting of the features... brilliant! Best of all, it still squeaks!
Measures 2" in diameter.


Unusual characteristics abound in this China with a original wig, dress, apron and china limbs that include detailed bare feet. Her coloring is as pleasing as a warm Spring day and her expression is one of serenity.
John Noble suggested in his book "Rare and Lovely", on page 125, that the maker of this doll may be the French firm of Jacob Petit.
There are repairs to both thumbs and the left leg has been reglued.
Measures: 15" tall overall.




Brown-eyed China dolls are not the norm...perhaps that is why John Noble possessed this pretty example with a lovely hairstyle that features rows of curls to the reverse.
At 20-1/2 inches, this doll is a classic beauty and great care was taken with the painting of her eyes. She wears a simple, all hand-stitched, cotton dress with applied tape decoration, and very nice underthings. Her all-cloth, antique body was simply constructed.
This sweet doll's condition is not perfect-her shoulderplate has been glued on the right side.
The repair is however, totally covered by
the dress.

Touch the edge of this unusual, bisque Nodding Child's blue dress and you will set her in motion, rocking forward and back. The molding is deep and crisp and the palette is soft and lovely, save for the brilliant orange boots! Don't miss the long curls and hair ribbon to the reverse. Circa 1865.
Measures: 5-1/4" tall.

Punch immortalized in earthenware!
This colorful, 3-5/8" figure captures the spirit of the legendary character of stage and print!
Circa late nineteenth-century.


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