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"A Very Rare Doll Indeed", J.D.N.

Belinda, The Lovely Cheat, is twenty-six inches tall and twenty-three years of age...yes, twenty-three years of age. She was carved, by hand, by Gordon Avender, a talented Pennsylvania carver in 1981 and this fact can easily be found incised deep within her lovely wooden back. Belinda's paint and patina were applied by Meriel Marlar, whom John Noble deemed "a witch", due to her mystical powers with a paint pot and brush.
At first glance, Belinda fools second glance, too. Belinda does share something in common with her eighteenth-century, English "sisters"...and that is a generous helping of soul. To us, Belinda may actually have more soul than some of her sisters, but perhaps we're over-compensating. But, we are sure John felt the same way...because at the mere mention of Belinda's lyrical name, his eyes would sparkle in a delicious way...and a smile would form upon his face.
Belinda is a well-traveled wooden doll...she was even lost once, for five entire years! Yes, an exciting life in her short twenty-three years. She been part of museum exhibits and the recipient of much deserved praise...she is even the subject of a soon-to-be released videotaped program entitled, you guessed it, "Belinda, The Lovely Cheat"...and it proved to be the last writing project John Noble was involved with. So, to quote our friend John Darcy Noble, because of course, he always said it best:

"Belinda's status in the doll world is perhaps open to question, but not to me. She may be a cheat, buy she is not a baggage, a makeshift, a second-best. Perfect enough to fool experts from Boston to Los Angeles, she makes no apologies to anyone. She is unique, an enchanting paradox...a treasure."


Lovely Belinda's enviable wardrobe was created with both skill and love by:
David Walker, Charles Batt, Michael Canadas,
Jose Cabrera and Beverly Schiavoni

any of her costumes utilized eighteenth-century fabrics and trims.

A Day in the English Countryside

one of Belinda's

Crimson and Gold
Play Dress...

Belinda plays nicely
all by herself.
Formal Afternoon Tea Ensemble...

because tea is taken at
4:00 sharp.
Rough and Tumble Play Dress...

for a day in
Windsor Park.

A Paris Gown, sewn
especially for

everyone heard
about it.

Court Presentation Gown...

she enchanted
HRH The Queen
while wearing this




Belinda's tiny possessions are housed in this tack-studded box for safe-keeping. She shares them with you below...


Mr. John Darcy Noble drew and painted the tiny paper dolls above, so Belinda might not be bored.....

hat doesn't fit in the
tack-studded box, is this marvelous four-poster
canopy bed...created
just for
Belinda enjoys looking at her very own watercolor portrait...beautifully painted by her friend, David Walker.


No, one cannot spend the coin shown at left to purchase was found in her tack-studded box and is a rare advertising token, circa 1740,
minted for a Doll Faire!


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